Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 15: The Flordia, Ft. Lauderdale Experience!

Yesterday was a proselyting Monday because of Presidents Day, so we pushed back P-day to today. (We proselyte on holiday Mondays because people are home). Yesterday was one of the most fulfilling "pros" Mondays that I've had, while I've been on the mission so far. We were able to stay busy and have really good experiences. Also, next Monday won't be a "pros" Monday, but the next week will be because we are having transfers on the 5th of March. It's weird, because this transfer is a 5 week transfer. It's kinda lame because that means I'll be leaving Belle Glade a week earlier than expected and I've only got a short time here. Apparently, there will be more of them throughout my mission and instead of going home around September 25ish, 2015 it'll be September 3, 2015. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to go to fall semester at BYU instead of doing a Block schedule when I get home, so that I can keep a lot of the good habits from being on a mission. I'll just have to make sure to fly to Utah probably the Sunday night after I get home. (like midnight) so Monday morning and then jump straight into school! It'll be even weirder doing that because I'll hopefully be going to South Carolina to Utah from Brazil and it'll be a crazy culture shock. But if it happens, it'll be an adventure and keep me on my toes!

This past week, Elder R. and I were able to make progress in our area with both investigators and less actives. This past week, we were able to help a less active lady go to church that had only been to the LDS church in America once before. She had moved to Belle Glade from Honduras and didn't know where the church was or how to find it. She was found by the missionaries in Belle Glade and only went to church once. We were able to work with her and help her to go to church this week. Elder R. was able to help translate for her this past Sunday and she loved it!

Also, it's really funny hearing about the snow, ice, and blizzards that are happening in places north of south Florida. It's bad, but also really good. I feel really lucky that I was able to come here and not have to suffer the freezing cold winters further north. It just sounds miserable. Thankfully, This month I've worn short sleeved shirts every day, and last month I only wore a jacket whenever it was raining. Let's just say that Florida is a marvelous place!

I was also able to have Mexican bread for the first time last month! It's suuuper good! It's very light bread (fluffy) and super sweet. Like cake, but less dense and less rich. So last week on p-day, my companion and I went to the local Mexican bakery that has bars on all of the windows and you have to ring a doorbell and they have to unlock the door for you because they don't want to get robbed by random people because it's so crazy down here. We bought roughly 15 dollars worth of Mexican bread. Needless to say, it was well worth it. I'm surprised that it's not as popular in the American culture because this bread is amazing!!
Also, I was told by a local member to tell y'all to check out a quick YouTube clip titled: "3rd world country Belle Glade" It was something along those lines. It was just someone driving down an average street down here and taking footage. However, it's super cool here and the people are really humble! I'm having lots of fun this transfer!

In the corner of my desk
A senior missionary said something that was pretty awesome, and that every missionary needs to know: Preach the word, save some souls, be celestial! It's pretty sweet and there's a handshake that goes along with it.

I hope all of y'all have a good week and that y'all have great lives!

Live long and prosper and become the best people y'all can become!

~Elder White~
Interesting tidbit: I'm even fatter than I was before at the MTC. I can say again that I am the fattest that I've ever been in my life. It's bad.

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