Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 9 of the Fort Lauderdale, FL experience

New years, basketball, new years nerf war, and sleeep.

This past week was pretty cool. We were able to do work. We had a total of 35 lessons with people. I was super excited to be able to see it happen. Oh yeah, some random interesting fact, Belle Glade is nicknamed muck city because of the super fertile soil that it has. And if you're driving a large truck or tractor over the "muck," depending on where you are, It'll start to sink into the ground. And the "muck" just gets everywhere.
New Suit!!!
So we had a really awesome New Years Eve. We were supposed to come home an hour early because of new years eve, so we all got back at 8. We then proceeded to start off the night with a little bit of celebrating. Thankfully we had purchased 4 martinelli's on p-day. We then proceeded to down all four martinelli's and had a lot of fun goofing off and cracking jokes. We then had a few small snacks and then did something really awesome and fun.

We had a Nerf Gun war! It was 2v2 and was super intense. All of the lights were turned off except for a few candles laying around the house. We went back and forth, learning tactical skills and gaining advantages over them all over the place. And, thanks to my audaciousness in advancing and not hesitating, my team almost always won. :) Needless to say, it was the most fun activity that I've been able to do on the mish. Moral of the story: nerf guns are amazing and I wish that I had discovered the value of them much earlier in life.

Elder White

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