Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 11 of the Fort Lauderdale, FL experience

Hopefully for whoever is reading this, you have fast internet because there's some extra visual aids included for today's story. So this is a picture of what used to be a Candle that I had. I used up the candle until the wick was gone. The wax was also really low. I took quite a few Match Sticks and stuck them into the wax. I then proceeded to light them and let it burn until the wax was near boiling. This is all in the glass candle holder. I then got the idea to see what would happen when I poured water into it. I poured it in and it started making bubbles and climbing up. I was like, huh, cool, then I started pouring more water in until it looked like this.

The glass cracked from the water being cold, and the glass hot, but that made it really easy for the extraction process from the glass. Then, I took the candle and batted it. It was really cool because it just exploded into a bunch of tiny little pieces.

So another detail that I forgot about Belle Glade is that they burn the sugar cane in the fields. The main stalk of cane is left, but the leaves get burned off. And so ash falls regularly all over Belle Glade. It gets really annoying when it starts to get in your eyes. But it's another character of this pretty one-of-a-kind place!
So I made a scripture case out of a small flat-rate shipping box. Needless to say, it went better than planned and was a perfect fit! Also, there's pictures on the sides and bottom too.

We were able to visit that super talented artist guy and were able to check out some more of his new paintings. They were really sweet.

 Also, at a recent converts house, there are puppies! They are super cute! check it out!!

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