Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 7 of the Fort Lauderdale, FL experience

So... Christmas is just around the corner and the holiday spirit is out the wadzoo! There are lots of people that go all out for decorating their yards and  houses in lights and inflatable things. It looks very colorful. The best yards are generally the Latinos. They put so many lights out. They pretty much dress their trailers in lights.

This week was actually pretty boring. We taught a lot of people and were pretty busy for the week. Only the usual escapades, such as destroying fruit and batting things into the cane fields (we live in the middle of cane fields) This past week we were destroying heads of lettuce. It's interesting that whenever you hit them with a bat, they EXPLODE. they go all over. They basically get shredded and go every direction. Maybe I'll experiment with other random things and see what happens! :)

There however was a miracle that happened this past week. Elder Pa. and I were contacting people on Thursday evening and decided to stop by at this one apartment building. We contacted this woman and she accepted going to church, a follow up appointment, and being baptized. We said we would call her and try to stop by later for a return appointment. We went on splits that same night and I went to see precious 2 hours after we contacted her. The Member I was with was a childhood friend of her mother's and helped her to know that this experience wasn't by chance and that now is the time to change her life. It was a super powerful lesson! She then came to a ward activity that Saturday night and then came to church!

Just letting y'all know, I'm super excited for this holiday season and even though as a missionary, the huge regular Christmas doesn't happen, I'm super pumped! I'd just like to send a thanks to everyone that has helped me to get to who and where I am today.

Ate mais! or Ate Logo!

So we made covers for our planners so that they would last a lot longer and not get destroyed. It's really cool and makes the planners look super duper nice.

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