Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 6 of the Fort Lauderdale, FL experience

This week is transfers week, so we have proselyting Mondays. We have p-day on Tuesdays. The reason why is so that people don't get trunky and stop working as hard. So it's a p-day the day before transfers. This week was a pretty uneventful week in Belle Glade. There is only one really good story. Me breaking something.
So we were doing service at a home, cleaning things up. I unscrewed a hose from an outside spigot and then screwed on a yellow two way spigot (it divides it into 2 streams of water instead of just the one). And while I was screwing on the yellow thing, I hear a snap and hear water gushing. The pipe broke! It wasn't the pipe connected to the spigot, but one further down. I'm assuming that it was old, brittle, and cheap pvc. This was in a trailer that wasn't up to code, so it was an adventure putting it all back together. First off, I go with Elder Pa., My companion to the hardware store and buy stuff to fix it with. We fix it, return a few hours later to turn on the water, turn it on, and see that another pipe was broken! We have to 'til Monday, because this was on Saturday and the hardware stores were closed by the time we realized that the second pipe was broken. Anyways, this piping is way off code, it's cpvc and electrical pvc for the cold water. Elder Pa. and I didn't realize it, bought regular pvc fittings, checked it out, and then saw that it was all cpvc for cold water and that cpvc and pvc don't fit together. We wasted two hours, then went and got cpvc and fixed the pipe. Yay! Thankfully the people were nice about it. Hopefully one of them will go to church with us!
We saw Christmas devotional, it was amazing and helped us to get into the spirit of Christmas.
And this is a kid of one of the recent converts in the ward, She's suuuuuper tiny. Normal for her height, but skin and bone. Anyways, we were helping them put up laundry and "pinned her to the clothesline." You can't see the clothes pins, but they are there.

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