Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 5 of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Experience!

This past week I was quite the adventure. Example:

I was on splits with a member and we were trying to see people on a street that we had set appointments up on. And no one was home or answering doors. After 20 minutes, we go back to the member's car. I try thinking of someone that we can see right then, and no one comes to mind. I then ask him if there's anyone on the home teaching list that needs to be seen. I'm giving up here. But I'm still flipping through my planner, trying to see if there's someone we can see. Then I'm like let's go see H.. We walk to her house and walk past her while she's going to throw something away. I didn't recognize her here. We knock on her door and her kid walks over and deadbolts the door. She gets back and I ask her if she's H., and she says yes and the she tries to get back in and her door is locked! 
This is basically what it looks like where I am right now, just less blurry b/c I'm traveling in a car. The city that we're in [has about] 17000 people. So pretty small.
She tries to get her daughter to try and unlock it for like 5 minutes and she finally gets in. While this is all going on, we're trying to help her out. Anyways, it turns out that her daughter was trying to unlock it the wrong way.  and have a great lesson and she accepts going to church and baptism. The next day we're on exchanges, and I'm with Elder E.. We try and find her and she's not at home! And I start thinking that that's not her name. H.. H. lives across from where this is. Then the next day Elder Pa. and I see her in the parking lot and we find out what her name is and start talking to her. We then leave and I get back with Elder Pa. and we talk about it, and then we realize that H. lives else where and that I talked to a complete stranger like we had contacted her before. (We knew her) But I had never seen or talked to her in my life! Ok, recap: I walked into a strangers home, no previous contact before and somehow she accepted going to church and being baptized. Thankfully it all worked out and nothing bad happened from it.

This super awesome guy that we're teaching right now is part of a local family business, and they cut, pack and deliver produce all over Florida and sometimes go up to places like Chicago. So we see him this past Saturday and we got 12 heads of lettuce from this guy! 12 large heads of lettuce, cut right off that same morning! So much vegetableness! So you know how they say that things taste a lot better when they're fresh? Well, if you have some fresh fruit of something that you don't like, then when it's fresh it just accentuates the taste that you don't really like. So the lettuce is amazing on burgers, like the best I've ever had. But there is no way that I can just eat it plain. It just tastes like lettuce that is more lettucey. Oh, and this is some foreshadowing for next week, we might try and eat a head of lettuce each, (there are 4 elders in my apartment) and see who can eat the most or finish it off.

Oh, and I ended up getting that suit. It's pretty fly. And it's only like 74 with the tailoring and this guy is way sweet too that's selling it. He basically sells for way cheaper than everyone else (he makes less profit but he sells a lot) and he has tons of suits. And he invited The Elders that are in Belle Glade to stop by and go with him next year to Palestine. Way cool. Too bad I can't go, but who knows, maybe after my mission, something could happen there.

It's been real. Really awesome. Well, until next week, have fun!

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