Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 4 of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Experience!

So this week was wayyyyyyyy cool! We had tons good experiences talking to new investigators. but I don't have much time. So I'll keep the letter short by keeping the sections short. so I guess I'll let your Imagination run wild.
Thanksgiving was pretty good, and thanksgiving means lots of food! we had two meals and then got to go and proselyte. Needless to say, a turkey coma was coming on. It was ... exciting, to say the least.

So last night we took a bat and started hitting things into the cane field. (there's a sugar cane field basically surrounding our neighborhood) we had quite a bit of fun. Carrots, apples, other random things that had gone bad or dropped on the floor. And, thankfully I had played baseball for two seasons, so I was able to hit the objects with quite good accuracy. 

This past holiday, Elder Pa. and I were able to find some great people at home that want to learn more of the gospel. It's really awesome to be able to share my testimony with people every day and be able to help them to learn more about Christ.

And, this past week we struck out on having anyone at sacrament. It was a little disappointing, but I know that we'll do better next week. Well, I'll make sure to have more stuff next week!

and here are some things that I thought y'all might like to hear about from my first few experiences in Florida.

So when I got here in Fort Lauderdale, I was greeted by sweet, sweet humidity. It was sooooo nice! I missed it so much even though it was only 6 weeks! It was nice. And I was also greeted by the Mission President, President Anderson, his wife, and the 3 AP's. The first day I got here I was super nervous, but the people here all seemed super awesome. So we got off the plane, saw the president, then went to the hotel to put our stuff away, ate dinner at the mission home, and then went back to the hotel.
We then proceeded to go to transfers the next day and then I went to Belle Glade, y'all know the rest of the story.
So I would say that the most valuable advice that I was able to receive before I came out here are three things:

Love the people,
Love the people,
Love the people.
A quote from Uncle Joe. Because If you love the people, then everything else will just fall back into place.
and a quick testimony.

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is the church of God. It was restored in these latter days. I love this church and want to help other people to come unto Christ because of the love I've felt in my life and my personal testimony of the rightness of the church. The church was organized and set up by a prophet of God who was acting for God. I've gained a personal testimony that God exists and that he wants the best for us. I also know that this is the restored church and that Joseph Smith did indeed see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And I know that he translated the Book of Mormon, which is the word of God, written by prophets in the Americas.
Rex-quan-do pants in Napoleon Dynamite
Elder White

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