Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 3 of the Ft. Lauderdale, FL Experience

This past week went much better than the last two weeks. I've been trying really hard to become better at getting to be a better missionary and getting used to the work. And it's paid off. This past week, we were able to have a great week and were able to have a "normal" week, quoting Elder Pa.. Through diligence and hard work, we were able to build up an area and find some sweet people.

We had an awesome miracle this past week. So we had two people meeting with us and we had them set on date. We then get a random call from them and are told to never come back. This was the trial of our faith. We were a little bummed out, but we were trying to work hard and to meet people ready to hear the gospel. One day later we follow up with a guy named S.. He's way cool. We talked with him and scheduled an appointment for the next day. His friend walked up and S. called him over and told him that he should listen to us. We schedule an appointment with S.'s friend for the next day, and then we followed up with those lessons. S. then hooks us up with another guy that lives near him. And he wants to meet with us too.

So here are some interesting and funny stories that happened this past week:
I've always been apprehensive of going to the thrift store and buying used clothes. You have no Idea where they've been. But this past we were able to have some fun at the thrift store. I was walking around, being bored and not really interested in anything, when I walk by a rack of pants. This rack of pants had something that looked like an American flag on it. Upon closer inspection, I was able to observe that this American flag was pants that looked like the rex-quan-do pants in napoleon dynamite! Obviously, I bought them and washed them. Who could deny pants like that? And they were exercise pants, so they can be used whenever. And when I say whenever, only in the apartment because they are too flashy for missionaries to wear.

This week I had an experience that really strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father is watching over us. On Saturday night we had a few minutes between appointments so we decided to follow up with a former investigator. While driving to the former's house Elder Pa. felt like we should stop by the house of another former investigator who lived on the way. We parked and talked about what we would teach for a few minutes and as we stepped out of the car we heard a series of shots punctuated by silence and then another round of shots. We later discovered that the shooting had taken place almost exactly where we would have been if we hadn't stopped to visit the other investigator. This experience strengthened my testimony so much that Heavenly Father truly is watching over and protecting us. Don't worry we're friends with most of the gang members so we're safe.

On a more cheerful note, we had 100 people at church yesterday! When my companion Elder Pa. got here 2 months ago the average sacrament attendance was 44 people. Last week we were up to 77 and this week we had 100. I know those numbers sound pretty small especially compared to wards but it was a huge success for us to have to pull out the folding chairs to everyone could sit during sacrament. Plus one! One day the Belle Glade Branch will become the Belle Glade Ward. 

On Monday night Elder Pa. walked into my bathroom and discovered an overturned trash can with a stack of Book of Mormons sitting on it in my shower. Automatically he assumed that there was a toad underneath the trash can that other Elders had so lovingly left for us. Rather than letting the toad go outside he got me and we slipped a piece of cardboard underneath the can, transported it to the Elders study room and kicked the door open as he took the cardboard away and released the frog. Elder Bu. proceeded to scream and jump on his chair while Elder E. scrambled into a corner. The frog made a bee line for Elder Bu. causing the screams to escalate into shrieks. He then made a panicked, yet graceful leap off of his chair and landed on another chair further away from the frog. After a few minutes of torment as pay back we caught the toad and put him outside. Needless to say, it was a priceless moment.

So this one is more of a random story, we were in the Winn-dixie parking lot (yes, the only grocery store here is Winn-dixie) and we see a guy walking right in front of our car with a machete. It wasn't scary, it's a common occurrence. People that work in the cane fields harvest the cane with machetes and take their machetes home with them after work. It was pretty cool.

My suit is pretty banged up, so luckily my companion and I were waking around and found a store that was willing to sell 4 suits for 200 bucks. And these were good suits too. Anyways, we are thinking of getting some of these soon and especially me.

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