Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 2 of the Ft. Lauderdale, FL Experience

So just in case y'all weren't exactly sure of what my mission address is, here it is again with more detailed instructions.
This is the address of the mission office. We aren't supposed to have anything sent to us at our current address. I'm pretty sure it's so that mail doesn't get lost in transfers. It's all supposed to go to the mission office, then to us. And there's another Elder Seth White in my mission. Crazy, right? So make sure you specify it's me. My middle name is Daniel, considering that's the easiest way for it to be specified.

7951 SW 6th st Suite 110
Fort Lauderdale FL

So this past week was really awesome. I hope that my visa doesn't come soon. The lord really has blessed us in this area and we can see the effects of them. The people are so awesome here! Flippin' legit! 
So I saw a tree frog the other day that was huge! It was probably the size of my hand. It was late at night and we were walking to go inside and it was just chilling on the door handle. Crazy! And there are huge amphibians everywhere! There was a toad the size of both of my hands put together. It was a little creepy.
And this past Sunday, we all as missionaries were able to give talks. It was pretty cool. I talked about the value of every person and used these scriptures if y'all want to check them out or use them for a spiritual thought:
Luke 15:4-6
Alma 23:14 (the one Amalekite is important enough to be put into scriptures that were chiseled into metal plates that were inscribed by an ice pick)
D&C 18:15

So this past week we were able to meet some really cool people. So we were walking in the ghetto, contacting people, talking to some, getting shut down by others. When we walk up and meet this one guy sitting on someone's back porch eating ramen. His name is D.. (this porch had mesh to keep bugs away) So we walk up and start talking with him and this girl he was talking to and he was like: here, come with me, I want to show y'all some stuff. And then he goes off on how he's a really good painter and how his stuff it top of the art. Super good. We start to follow him to his house, which is like 60 yards away. While walking down the street, we see a random horse in the middle of the ghetto. One of the most out of place things I've ever seen. A horse just chilling right in the middle of the ghetto. It was chilling with hay around it and was fenced in. And right next to it was a double wide trailer. It had some stuff painted on the side and I was like huh, cool. So we follow him into his house and he starts talking to us and showing us some of his paintings. He pulls out this one painting and just blows us away. It was amazingly detailed and realistic looking. My companion has seen a lot of the best world class art and says to me, this guy can compete with the best of them. He's amazing. So we check out this huge painting for a while. It's probably 7X4 and it's just got so much detail everywhere. He then showed us a sculpture of his that he's going to reveal in January that's supposed to blow everyone out of the water. And it was crazy detailed!! It was a sculpture of a woman. He even did the lines and bone structure of the knees! he also put on hair and did some crazy texture stuff to make it look ridiculously realistic. There was arm hair. Lines in the lip, teeth, toes, just ridiculous detail. Anyways, we're always welcome there and he said that we can stop by whenever. So not only is he a ridiculously good artist, he likes us too. We're preparing him for baptism right now. It'll hopefully happen in December.

I also got to eat some Haitian food this past week, It was kinda scary. But it wasn't too bad. It just looked like it would make me crazy fat from eating it. It was some kind of soup w/ these starchy potato like things in it. It was super thick. And for noodles it had ramen noodles. Basically it was very interesting. The person who made it was cool, but I couldn't understand a single thing she(the person who made it) said. (I don't understand Creole (Kreyol))

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