Monday, November 25, 2013

MTC Experience

Well, it's been pretty awesome here. Here's some things that went on during my experience here at the MTC.

So this one elder in my district is a helpless flirt. I saw a sister I thought I knew and went up to talk to her and asked her if her name was C.. She said yes in a really cool accent.(she's from England) The elder, right next to me says "C. is a very nice name and it fits you. It's the most beautiful name for a British girl." It was hilarious! She looked at him awkwardly, and he said "umm... I need to stop and I need to go" right after he said that. We have never let him live it down... But he's getting better at it, I think. He's always talking to the sisters a little bit too much.

Last night we all made guesses where we were all going. Three elders got two of us right. So one person in my district is going to Oregon, 2 to California, my companion and I are going to Florida, 1 to Washington, and 2 to Brazil b/c they got their visas. It was pretty awesome. And I played volleyball with some people in my district last night too after we opened our reassignments. We destroyed, needless to say. It was one of the funnest volleyball games here at the MTC.

The food here is pretty good, but after 6 weeks here it gets kinda old. So earlier when I weighed myself, I was 190. That's the fattest I've ever been in my life. I think I've dropped a little weight since then, but still, that's ridiculous. It's easy to digest and is calorie packed. This one elder in my district came into the MTC at a 240 pounds and now he's 276. 35 pounds!! This place is crazy. And sitting in a classroom all day doesn't help much either.

Our teachers are really awesome, we have two. One is a guy, I. S. and then there is Ir. H.. They are both really good at teaching. I think we are Ir. H.'s last district that she teaches. We are getting I. S. a cow hide tie w/ the hair on it and everything, and we are still deciding on what to get Ir. H.. Probably a shirt with us signing it.

Yeah, that's all I can think of right now, and I gotta go, so until Monday! (you get a free p-day the day before you leave)

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