Monday, November 25, 2013

Ft. Lauderdale Nov. 11

And there's another Elder Seth White in my mission, so make sure that they know it's me and not him whenever you send it. Have fun!

7951 SW 6th st Suite 110
Fort Lauderdale FL

So here is Ft. Lauderdale FL is crazy! I got here on Tuesday afternoon around 4 PM. The humidity felt amazing, and my skin is almost getting back to how it was. The mission president was pretty awesome, his name is president Anderson. So I went to transfer meeting on Wednesday meeting and got assigned to the stuart zone. And right now I'm in Belle Glade until I get sent to Brazil. 

Belle glade is way different from anywhere I have ever been. They grow sugar cane here. Most of the people here work in the sugar cane. And there are lots of Haitians here. So here, it's all flat and all ghetto. There are only a few nice houses around. So Belle Glade I've been told is the most dangerous city in America per citizen. It reminds me of the idea of Orangeburg but way more ghetto and smaller. 17,000 people. There's someone that gets shot every week, but thankfully we're missionaries and they respect us. Also, in Belle glade in the surrounding area there are canals and flat land everywhere. It's way different from SC and the pine trees.

My trainer is Elder Pa., I think he's been out for 9 months, and he's from Texas and he also went to BYU. He's pretty cool. I don't think he gets me yet and I'm not super comfortable around him yet. He is pretty cool and speak 4 languages. English, of course, French, Spanish, and Creole (Haitian). He was called to here Spanish speaking but picked up the languages. And I found out here that I'm nowhere near prepared to communicate with other people in Portuguese. It's way different talking in a different language. But, where I am there are no Portuguese speakers.

The first day was really crazy and weird. This area was basically whitewashed before I got here, so we started with no teaching pool. Starting up from ground zero. Oh, and there's a small branch here. Anyways this past week, we've gotten 9 new investigators and done lots of work. There is something that they do here in the mission called harvesting. It seems weird, but it works. We knock on the door and tell them we are representatives of Christ and ask them if we can leave them with the prayer. We then say a quick prayer to them, and because praying brings the spirit this works. Then we talk about Jesus Christ and invite them to be baptized. A surprising amount of people say yes. It's pretty awesome. We then tell them we share messages of Christ and invite them to come to church with us. That's about it, super simplified of course. But the whole process takes like 2-4 minutes.

Anyways, it's interesting to be here being trained and getting used to it. Hopefully I can adjust quickly.

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